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7 things that slowdown your call center's agents

In the fast-paced world of call centers, every second counts. As a call center manager, you understand the importance of maximizing agent productivity to deliver exceptional customer service and meet business goals. However, have you ever wondered why your agents seem to be losing valuable time on non-value tasks? 

In this article, we will explore the common pain points experienced by call center agents across different industries and shed light on the tasks that hinder their efficiency. By understanding these challenges, you can empower your agents to focus on what truly matters - delivering outstanding customer experiences.


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#1 The Ping Pong of Emails with Unclear Communications

Ping pong of emails at call center


One of the biggest culprits stealing your agents' time is the endless back-and-forth of emails with unclear communication. These inefficient email exchanges not only waste valuable minutes but also lead to misinterpretations and delays in issue resolution. Imagine the impact on agent productivity if they could spend less time deciphering messages and more time resolving customer queries promptly.



#2 Sending Email's Reminders 

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In call centers, agents often deal with complex customer files involving claims, productions, sales, and more.

The constant need for reminders to have complete and up-to-date files ready for processing creates unnecessary interruptions and slows down overall operations. Streamlining this process could significantly enhance your agents' productivity and enable them to handle customer requests swiftly.




#3 Multichannel Issues and Fragmented Customer Communication 

multichannel issue


In today's digital age, customers often initiate a conversation on one channel and then switch to another. This fragmented communication causes frustration for both customers and agents. Customers are forced to repeat their queries, leading to a negative experience, while agents must invest additional time in understanding the context from scratch. By addressing this issue, you can eliminate redundant efforts and enhance customer satisfaction.

#4 The Nightmare of Shared Mailboxes

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Shared mailboxes are meant to foster collaboration, but all too often, they become a black hole for valuable customer communications. Agents struggle to find past interactions, wasting precious minutes searching for relevant information and trying to grasp the full history of customer interactions. A more efficient system for organizing and retrieving customer communications will greatly improve agent productivity and prevent unnecessary repetition.



#5 Personalized Email Writing and Summarizing Calls

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Agents frequently need to send personalized emails to customers, summarizing their calls and requesting further information. Composing such emails from scratch each time not only consumes time but also increases the risk of errors or inconsistencies. Providing agents with pre-defined templates and bullet points can expedite this process, ensuring consistent communication and saving valuable time.


#6 Problems of Routing/Indexation 


When issues fall outside an agent's scope or require assistance from other departments, the problem of routing and indexation becomes a significant bottleneck. Agents spend valuable time trying to understand complex problems before forwarding them, causing delays in resolution and hampering overall efficiency. Implementing a streamlined routing and indexing system will ensure issues are swiftly directed to the appropriate departments, saving time and enhancing agent productivity.



#7 Document Management Challenges

Document-Management-Solution-640x370-1 1


Dealing with customer files often involves downloading pictures, transforming file formats, and organizing them correctly. Agents may struggle with large file sizes, ZIP archives, or converting files to PDF format. These manual tasks eat away at their productivity and divert their focus from more critical customer interactions. Simplifying document management processes through automation and intuitive tools will significantly reduce non-value tasks and empower agents to be more efficient.



Call center agents are the backbone of your customer service operations, and their productivity is crucial for delivering exceptional experiences. By addressing the pain points of non-value tasks, such as ping pong emails, fragmented customer communication, shared mailbox issues, routing problems, document management challenges, and personalized email writing, you can unlock your agents' true.

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