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Discover a new important functionality on your Penbox platform 👍

Delivering an excellent customer experience is now a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Nowadays, customers expect personalized and efficient interactions with the companies they engage with. To meet this growing demand, Penbox proudly introduces a new feature: Penbox Portals. This solution enables businesses to offer their customers a digital customer portal in just one click, transforming customer interactions and taking the customer experience to new levels.

Easier than ever for your customers

Welcome to Penbox Portals, the latest addition to our range of information and document management solutions. With Penbox Portals, we provide you with a dedicated digital platform for your contacts, including customers, external agents, and experts, to have a comprehensive overview of their interactions. By utilizing this personalized portal, contacts can effortlessly track their history of communications, interactions, and transactions. Additionally, your contacts can also view ongoing exchanges of information and documents and even initiate new ones. The portals offer real-time updates on the status of their interactions, keeping contacts informed and engaged throughout the entire process.

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Give your contacts a customer zone in just one click 💪

Discover how Penbox Portals provide your customers with a unique and easy-to-use overview, where they can manage all their administrative exchanges of information and documents. Furthermore, customers can also generate new requests and create new exchanges themselves.

A unique customer experience:

With Penbox Portals, businesses can deliver an exceptional customer experience by providing their contacts with a centralized platform to manage and follow up on their interactions and document exchanges. Contacts no longer need to search through countless emails or different communication channels for relevant information. They can easily access a summary of all their interactions in one place, saving time and effort.

No more hassle with logins and passwords: Welcome to an era where dealing with forgotten or lost customer login credentials is a thing of the past. With Penbox Portals, contacts no longer have to create and remember additional usernames and passwords. Instead, they receive a unique and secure link via email or SMS that grants them access to the portal. This ensures maximum security and a seamless user experience. By streamlining the access process, businesses can eliminate all obstacles and provide a hassle-free experience to their contacts. 

Personalized interactions: The traditional approach of unstructured email exchanges can lead to confusion, delays, and information loss. Penbox Portals provide a structured environment for communication, allowing contacts to initiate new interactions. Customers have the ability to track the status of their files and create requests themselves, such as initiating a first loss report. This eliminates unnecessary and frustrating initial email communication, as the customer can proactively start the request. This self-service capability empowers contacts to engage with the company proactively, resulting in faster resolutions and improved efficiency.

Real-time transparency: Penbox Portals enhance transparency by providing contacts with real-time updates on the status of their exchanges. Contacts can easily see if their inquiries or requests have been addressed. For example, they can check if their claim file is already being processed, and so on. This level of visibility promotes trust and strengthens relationships between businesses and their customers.

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💡 How our customers benefit from our portal 💡

Using a Penbox Portal is simple and intuitive. Follow these steps to get started:

👉 Add your contact to your workspace when creating a new request.

👉 If the contact already exists, you can automatically link the request to their existing profile based on their email address or phone number.

👉 Once the contact is added to the workspace, they will receive a unique link via email, granting them access to their portal.

👉 In the portal, the contact can view all the requests associated with them and fill in new requests that are available in the portal.


Try out the Penbox Portal now by logging into your favorite platform:


Transform customer experience with Penbox Portals

In a digitally connected world where customer expectations continue to rise, Penbox Portals offer a unique solution for businesses striving for excellent customer experiences. By providing a dedicated digital platform for customers to manage their interactions, Penbox Portals revolutionize the way businesses communicate and engage with their customers, external agents, and experts. By eliminating login/password issues, reducing reliance on unstructured email exchanges, and providing real-time updates, customers experience the ultimate journey.


In just one click, you provide customers with a unique and organized environment where they can manage all their administrative exchanges. Whether it's submitting claims, requesting reimbursements, or obtaining new price quotes, everything can be tracked in one central place.

Step into a new era of customer-centric communication for your business. To learn more about how Penbox can transform your customer experience, visit our website or contact our team today.

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