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How we built a customer Zone for our clients


Your customers are seeking self-service solutions.

Are you getting bored of the back-and-forth of requesting additional information from your contacts every time they have a question or need a service?

Well, you're not alone.Customers are increasingly seeking more efficient ways to engage with businesses, utilizing various communication channels such as Whatsapp, Messenger, email, live chat, and other platforms. Your customers are determined to find a way to engage with your business. 


In today's digital age, having a customer portal is as essential as having a website a decade ago. It's the new standard for delivering a seamless and self-service experience.

Developing a portal may be a reasonably simple task. But populating it with all your processes, is definitely where the bill gets big.


Digitalizing dozens of processes can be a challenging task

As a small or medium-sized enterprise, you may have numerous processes that require digitization. Your customers may require support and file transfers, while your employees may need reimbursement or to add a newborn to their pension plan. These tasks can be demanding, but they are necessary for providing a seamless and efficient service.


As a company, you probably have hundreds of processes to digitalise. And realistically speaking, considering the amount of time it took your IT team to digitize the previous processes, it could take quite a while to digitize all of them. Just do the calculations.


Introducing: Penbox Portal

Penbox Portal allows you to effortlessly create a self-service portal with just one click. Simply choose the flows you've created in Penbox that you want to share with your customers and make them available as soon as they connect to their portal.


Granting access for your contacts is even easier. You can decide if you want to give access to a contact when you create a new request or simply batch-import all your contacts at once. Your contacts will receive a notification email containing their unique link for easy access to the portal.

Customers can easily view the status of all their ongoing requests from the portal.


Portal 1


In addition, they will have the ability to submit a new request to your business.


Penbox Portals - Empty State-1


For your customers, but also for all your contacts

Penbox is not only useful for streamlining information and data collection from your customers, but it can also enhance the user experience of your employees, partners, and other stakeholders.


We have successfully implemented this solution in various industries. For instance, it has been used to collect repair requests from luxury brand shops and to gather requests for insurance quotes from brokers. Furthermore, we are also utilizing Penbox internally to manage all requests from our employees.


Your processes also available in back-office and front-office

When creating a customer portal, the main purpose is to improve the overall user experience. However, the portal can also serve as a means to automate and simplify your back-office processes. Having structured data is so yummy. This is beneficial not only for IT automation teams but also for employees.


Our multichannel approach allows your back-office and front-office teams to access the same flows you developed for the customer portal. They can trigger these flows from their telephony system or Outlook extension when responding to emails. This ensures that all your customer interactions are structured and organized, no matter the entry point.


Off-the shelve or integrate it

With our progressive integration framework, you can seamlessly launch your portal in minutes and effortlessly integrate it into your customer zone, providing a seamless experience for your customers.


At Penbox, we fully embrace the agile methodology and offer you opportunities to iterate with your contacts. Begin utilizing our portal on the first day to gather valuable user feedback. The following day, take advantage of our CONNECT API to access a comprehensive list of flows, current requests for your contacts, and additional data from Penbox.


What makes our progressive integration framework a favorite among enterprise customers? Penbox offers flexible integration options, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into departments with high IT investment and utilize our ready-to-use front-ends in departments with lower volumes.


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