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Create your form in 30 seconds with AI

Enhanced AI Builder for Form Creation 

1️⃣ Name your form with a well-detailed title: this helps our AI propose the best prompts possible. For example: "Customer Financial Data Collection" 💻

2️⃣ Select the prompt you want among the proposed ones or get inspired by it.

For example: "Form 2: Gather necessary data from new clients to establish a comprehensive profile and facilitate smooth onboarding.” 📄

3️⃣ Start chatting with our Penbox AI to adapt your form to your precise needs.

For example: “Step 3 is not fitting. I want to gather more info and documents about my clients.

You should add:

✔️ Replace Step 3 with 'How is he going to pay?', 'By employer without listing' or 'Electronic' or 'Bank list' (only one choice possible). If "Electronic" or "Bank list" is checked, ask for the bank account, requesting the IBAN and BIC.

✔️ Add a Step 4 where I need either ID, Driver’s license, or passport to be uploaded as a picture.

➡️ Great! Your form is ready to be sent!

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If you're already part of the Penbox community, try it from your Penbox Studio: https://app.penbox.io/signup

New? Don't worry! Try it here: https://builder.penbox.io/ai 😊



DAP’s brokers can finally take a long deserved vacation

A peak in claim handling during the summer time made it impossible for DAP’s employees to leave the office, but that isn’t the case anymore. Discover how Penbox slashed DAP’s workloads in half, making it possible for both them and their clients to enjoy the summer.


Group 23


DAP is a Belgium-based insurance broker that insures the Belgian scout federation, representing more than 45 000 children from 6 to 18 years old. The summer camp period is accompanied by a large array of claims averaging around 1000 every summer.
The challenges faced by the claim handlers usually include file completions as the scout-chiefs that are in charge of the kids are quite young and do not know which information to provide. As a result, the claims management process turns into an important workload, with a lot of phone calls and back-and-forth emails.


DAP was able to build an intelligent form in less than a week, which was then communicated to parents and scout chiefs and achieved instant success.
Thanks to Penbox AI-builder, the claims handler could generate a first version of the form which was then reviewed by Penbox experts to ensure the best user experience and secure the highest conversion rate.
The form ended up being filled-in by 70% of scout-chiefs over the camp period and despite the length of the form and its tedious questions, more than 83% of initiated forms were completed. The claimants instantly underlined the accessibility and simplicity of the forms, ensuring a user-friendly experience.


Group 27-2

Once the form is completed, the claims handler can access the answers containing all the necessary information to treat the case. They generate a custom PDF from the Penbox platform to send to the insurance company. Most of the time, they are able to finalise the claim in less than a 2-3 subsequent exchanges, compared to close to 10 emails for every case before Penbox.

jeune-homme-affaires-assis-dans-cafe-bar-confortable-aide-ordinateur-portable-regardant-cote 1-2


Group 28





🧹 Keep your workplace clean!

Archiving (and unarchiving) your forms is now possible! 

You've created 1000 forms for your customers and feel lost in your form list ? No problem, keep your ongoing forms and access your old ones in the "archived" section!

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💭 Never run out of imagination

Your Form Templates Library is here to help you!

We've been all ears, tuning in to your needs loud and clear. That's why we went in the extra mile to help you collect customer data even faster. 

Introducing brand new forms

We've rolled out a fantastic set of +50 brand new forms templates tailored to fit every twist and turn of any use case. Whether it's Car Claims, KYC, Investor Profile, Leads Capture, Onboarding forms, or anything else -- we've got you covered. 💪

What's the Hype?

Our new Forms Templates library is packed with a set of thoughtfully designed form templates.The best part? You can easily customize any of them on the fly to meet your unique business needs.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

👀 Explore the Library: Discover a wide range of ready-to-go templates.

🛠️ Customize like a Pro: Tailor forms with just a few clicks.

🚀 Launch Faster: Speed up your form creation process effortlessly.


Easy Access To Your Forms

1. Open your Penbox App and login

2. You made it to the HomePage, now click on the purple button 'Create Form.'

3. Voilà! You'll land on the page with the entire library of ready-to-use templates.

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